Study visit in German institutions and organizations

From the 10th to the 15th of October, the Youth Alliance team: Metodija, Biljana and Anelija, together with Blazhen Maleski, a member of the working group and Nikos Bakirtzis, a representative of our partner organization SEE in Action, participated in a study visit in Berlin for the development of youth and good neighborly cooperation in the region. We share with you highlights from the visits:

1. German Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Meeting with Mr. Colin Brose, Expert for North Macedonia and Serbia in the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

2.Friedrich – Ebert Stiftung

The #c4cf team had a pleasure meeting experts at the Friedrich – Ebert Stiftung. The discussion was very fruitful and paved the way towards success by bringing knowledge and expertise in #c4cf.

3.The German Parliament

Meeting with Mr. Boris Mijatovic, Member of the German Parliament, Spokesman for Human Rights and humanitarian help.

4.German-Polish Youth-office

Initiative bringing together young Germans and Poles, with the goal of preparing them to enter adulthood without prejudice against one another, able to build a united Europe

5.German-Israel youth-office ConAct

Our team had a meeting with Niclas Cares, a programmanager at the German-Israel youth-office ConAct. ConAct is a nationwide working and information center for exchange projects between German and Israeli youths, located in the sector of non-formal education.

6.Adventure center Abenteuerzentrum Berlin

One fun fact for this adventure-center is that besides being a fun place for adventure and recreation, the center is also active in international exchange programs

7. Luna Park Athens – Berlin

Meeting with the manager Mr. Kosmas Kosmopoulos from the NGO Luna Park, which offers extracurricular artistic activities, especially for migrants. They are in an exchange with youth organizations in Greece.

8. Franco – German Youth Office (OFAJ DFJW)

The FGYO is an international organization working on Franco-German cooperation. Since this initiative was one of the base inspirations of #c4cf, it was such a pleasure for the #c4cf team to be hosted in their offices. Our team has a meeting with both general-secretaries Anne Tallineau und Tobias Bütow, as well as the generalsecretary for trilateral programs Gillaume Ohleyer and the programmanager for “Europe, Region, Neighbours” Florence Gabbe.


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