Outdoor Youth Festival “EXPERIENCING COOPERATION” in Valandovo, North Macedonia

On 2nd September, we gathered more than 150 young people from North Macedonia and Greece for an interesting festival day full of unity and experiencing cooperation. The Outdoor Youth Festival kicked off with welcoming speeches from the #C4CF team – Mr. Metodija Stojceski, the executive director at Youth Alliance and Ms. Anna Bampili, general coordinator at SEE in Action, then followed by the Minister of culture of North Macedonia, Ms. Bisera Kostadinovska Stojcevska and the Mayor of Municipality of Valandovo, Mr. Pero Kostadinov. The festival agenda started with fun and engaging sporting activities and games such as: the “hiking tour” combined with “treasure hunt”, then the “battle of kind words”, “tug of war”, “ball game Mila/Narodna” and many board games as twister, chess, cards, and others. The agenda also offered a poetry workshop, traditional dances session and an “open mic session” where the young people had a chance to speak openly and share their thoughts regarding the bilateral cooperation between the neighboring countries. The festival was wrapped up with live performances from “Fiction” and “Flicker Motel”.


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