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On 25.2.2021 and 26.2.2021 Youth Alliance – Krusevo has organized the contact-making conference – Let`s Connect the Connectors. The aim of the conference was networking and connecting the young people from Greece and North Macedonia. Over 110 young people participated, while there were many academics, activists, experts and representatives from the public offices in both countries speaking. Besides the organizers, on the Conference spoke the Ambassador of Germany H.E. Anke Holstein, the Ambassador of USA H.E. Cate Marry Burns and H.E. the Ambassador of Greece Rusos Kundros. On the event, a presentation of the Research on the Perception of Young People in 2020, which was done by YAK, as part of the initiative for establishment youth offices for collaboration between Greece and North Macedonia. The Conference was a final part of the first phase for implementation of the initiative for establishment of offices for youth cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece. This initiative for establishing of offices for youth cooperation is based on transferring of good practices from the processes of reconciliation of Western European countries, first between Germany and France, then Germany and Poland, and on the multilateral experiences of the youth cooperation of the countries from West Balkan (RYCO) The project was supported by the Embassies of Germany and United States of America. There are many results from this project such as: two youth offices in Valandovo and Thessaloniki and interconnecting more than 500 young people in different programs for exchange and experience. Furthermore, in the Research of the Perception of the Young People, through the interview process were included more than 700 young people from the both countries from 18 to 35 of age.


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