Creating of youth informative contact point offices in Thessaloniki and Valandovo

The info points within the process for establishment of a bilateral youth cooperation office are important part of the initiative as an instrument of the process itself providing the baseline of the offices in the future. Therefore, having equal access to quality and reliable information to the young people from the both countries is a prerequisite for them to make use of the bilateral cooperation, to make responsible decisions and to participate in the process of establishment in all aspects.
The info points will provide resources and information for the young people which in the past were not existing or were often static, coming from fewer sources and was controlled and provided by a few information providers. The info points will be continuously developed, in this context, young people will grow and find their place in the initiative; they themselves are not only information and opportunities but also, they will become producers and multipliers of one broad idea of unity and reconciliation.
The Info points will offer a range of activities aimed at bringing the idea of bilateral youth cooperation closer to the young people in North Macedonia and Greece through different presentations, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, debates, lectures etc.


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