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Youth Alliance Krushevo aligned with our network of collaborators and supporters and partners from CSOs from Greece we have started the initiative "Contacts for a common future" for cooperation between the young people from the two neighboring countries North Macedonia and Greece. After 10 years of togetherness we have settled goal for establishment of intergovernmental body - bilateral youth cooperation offices between the Republic of North Macedonia and Greece, that will have a leading role in the processes of youth cooperation between the two countries in the spirit of reconciliation and building good neighborly relations.

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What We Do

Process of establishment

We have recognized the urgent need to engage young people in dialogue by creating concrete actions for shaping the future of the region. By establishing the youth offices in North Macedonia and Greece we are giving to the young people an opportunity to cooperate for common future. This process will be open space for sharing good working and innovative practices in the field of youth reconciliation.

Inception Phase

Cultural kick off, youth info points in Valandovo and Thessaloniki, networking, analysis about young people feelings, dialogue and policy making are the key steps in the inception phase. This phase of the initiative is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and USA Embassy in North Macedonia.

Operationalization Phase

Process of creation joint policies and enabling legal frameworks which will set minimum standards and define the roles and responsibilities. During this phase we will create the legal framework and operational documents guided by the international legal experts in direct collaboration with facilitation and cooperation team.

From political will to implementation

The cooperation team together with facilitation team will have the task of preparing a draft strategic plan, draft action plan, draft annual program and a draft joint declaration for establishing the bilateral youth cooperation office based on the results of the conducted activities in the previous phases. This phase will also include national consultations in both countries by involving all relevant stakeholders.

Establishment of the bilateral offices

The process will be cycled with establishment of the bilateral youth cooperation offices that will be inter-governmental body for connecting young people from both countries based on the spirit of reconciliation and building good neighborly relations.

Latest Events

Contact–Making Conference

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Shadow play: Greek and North Macedonian Actors Respond to the Impact of COVID-19 on Arts

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Movie Night: “Can you see yourself in my life?”

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Storytelling evening - "Youth mobilities opening horizon"

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25.02.2021 - 26.02.2021

Contact - making conference | digital event

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History of Cooperation

Let’s go back in time, to 2009 when a group of young people and organizations initiated the bilateral project “Contacts for the Common Future”. One of the proposals that came from the young people was “Liaison office of cooperation” that today is driven force of the story behind of our initiative for establishing bilateral youth cooperation offices.

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Antonia Markoviti

Greece and North Macedonia managed to establish significant economic and political cooperation during challenging times. Our next common goal though is a bigger investment: the thrive of youth. Now - more than ever - youth work and cultural diplomacy will be the main players to bridge any remaining gaps. Frequent and interactive activities will put the differences aside, tone up the similarities and prepare future leaders with mutual interest for our prosperity.

Andrea Ugrinoska

The bond of friendship between Greece and North Macedonia was once something the world looked up to. Our generation has a unique chance to sustainably and ethically re-write history and become a leading example to the world again.


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